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The professionals at Checkpoint Marketing for Law Firms thoroughly understand the unique marketing and communication challenges that law firms face. We know that attorneys don’t go to market the same way retailers do. We have developed our solutions to work effectively and efficiently in order to keep your non-billable time to an absolute minimum.

Consider these pain points expressed by other lawyers. If any of these situations resonate with you, we should talk.


Make the most of your marketing dollars

Email and online marketing are exceptionally cost-effective ways of promoting your business and earning greater market share. With the Checkpoint Marketing Email Platform, you can access comprehensive reports that show who is reading your communications and what they are reading. Not only does this enable you to track and gauge the effectiveness of your marketing investment, down to the impact of each and every article you send out, but it also prompts you to make changes as needed to better meet your clients’ and prospects’ needs. Combine that knowledge with the efficacy of hard-copy newsletters and guides, and you have a superior marketing and nurturing strategy that will help you retain your best clients and earn new business from qualified prospects.


Nurture prospects and clients for more business

Attorneys need to sell their services to more people in order to maintain a viable practice, but selling sensitive legal services without appearing aggressive (or untrustworthy) can be tricky. Sending out newsletters containing relevant content that your clients and prospects are eager to read is often far more effective in eliciting new business than monthly sales calls or advertisements. We offer you the tools and mechanisms to educate your clients, prospects and referral sources on all of the services you provide, stay top of mind and increase your credibility.


Target your markets with the content they want

Personalized and relevant content is critical, yet marketing resources are frequently too limited to provide the right information to each of your contacts. Each of our newsletters focus on specific segments of your practice so that you can nurture your contacts based on their needs you’re your services). In addition, our Checkpoint Marketing Email Platform can be configured to send different articles to different people in your database, all from one account, so that the content you send out is specifically relevant to each demographic you market to.


Let us do the writing for you

We know that lawyers don’t have time to write enough informative, nurturing articles to foster long-term relationships with prospects and clients. Let us provide the content that confirms your depth of knowledge and areas of expertise. Our professionally-written articles and videos discuss estate planning, tax law, employment law, intellectual property, divorce and family issues, trusts, elder law, commercial law, wealth management and other topics that your contacts are interested in. Add your own custom articles when you have the time or when you have something you want to announce.



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