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Tax Planning Guides

Guide your law firm’s clients through complex tax matters

Our Tax Planning Guides give you several ways to easily and cost-effectively guide your clients, prospects and referral sources through complicated changes in tax laws, rules and regulations. Position yourself as a thought leader, build brand awareness for your law firm and encourage your contacts to reach out to you for relevant services or assistance by adding at least one Tax Planning Guide to your strategy.

These valuable content marketing and client communication tools feature brand-enhancing designs, want-to-know tax information, and a choice of format for maximum flexibility, impact and value:

  • Online Tax Planning Guides
  • Print Tax Planning Guides
  • Email Tax Planning Guides

All of our Tax Planning Guide solutions offer high quality articles, tips and strategies written in layman’s terms in the following categories:

  • Estate Planning
  • Charitable Giving
  • Retirement
  • Family & Education
  • Real Estate
  • Investing
  • Tax Rates
  • Executive Compensation
  • Business Ownership

Our Tax Planning Guides also come with a comprehensive Tax Practice Marketing Guide that gives you tips to leverage your guide’s effectiveness. Law firms that provide information about changing tax legislation will be seen as thought leaders and have an edge over those that don’t.

Boost effectiveness with multiple tax planning guide options

Whether you choose the online tax guide, email tax guide, print tax guide or our exclusive Tax Seminar-in-a-Box presentation, you’ll get outstanding content and brand-enhancing designs. All of our tax planning guides offer you a choice of customizable designs.

Maximize your return on investment, impact and reach by combining one or more of our print, email and online tax planning guides for use in your law firm’s marketing and communication strategies.

Other tax planning marketing solutions for attorneys and law firms

We offer a variety of tax planning solutions for lawyers. Consider adding one or more of these additional content marketing tools to your communication and business development strategy:

Looking for an Estate Planning Guide?

We have one of those, too! Check out our Online Estate Planning Guide.

Our Tax Planning Guides are available as stand-alone products or as pieces of a comprehensive, customized marketing solutions package that is designed specifically for your law firm.

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