Checkpoint Marketing for Law Firms
Small Law Firm Solutions

Client communication solutions on estate planning,
wealth management and tax planning

Do your clients perceive you as a trusted advisor and reliable go-to resource? Do they consider you a thought leader? Do your clients hear from you in between annual review meetings? Whether your practice is just starting up or has been established for many years, retaining and nurturing those client relationships is likely a primary objective.

We can help. Our diverse content options, newsletter programs, estate planning and tax planning communication tools, and integrated social media solutions have been specifically designed to help firms with up to 15 attorneys:

  • Be positioned as a trusted advisor and go-to resource
  • Remain top of mind with clients and referral sources
  • Demonstrate thought leadership
  • Enhance your relationships with your contact base
  • Develop more profitable and satisfying business relationships

To provide that “extra value” that your clients expect from you, you need to consistently share timely, engaging and relevant information with them. We offer a variety of time saving, cost-effective content solutions designed to help you achieve your client communication goals, nurture your client base and enhance your business relationships. Ask us about:

  • Website and blog content
  • Social media posts and articles
  • Print newsletters
  • Automated email newsletters
  • Customizable email newsletters

Tailor them to your needs. Our small law firm solutions enable you to create a client communication program that fits your specific needs, objectives and budget.

Effectively and consistently nurture your clients
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Website and Blog Content

Select from thousands of articles on estate planning and administration, wealth management, elder law, tax planning and tax law, employee benefits and other pertinent topics. Articles range from 300 to 1,200 words in length and may be edited and used as you like to:

  • Post on your website, blog and social media pages
  • Include in newsletters, emails and other communications
  • Use as a starting point for authoring your own articles, speeches and presentations
  • Send in response to information requests
  • Use as handouts or proposal inserts

Social Media Posts and Articles

Use these professionally-written articles to position your firm as a thought leader, build an online brand presence, and keep in touch with your online communities.

  • Weekly, topical and brief posts are the perfect length to engage your social media and online communities
  • Interesting articles on important developments in tax law and regulations are available on a regular basis

Print Newsletters

Cut through the digital clutter and make a lasting, tangible impression on your clients, prospects and referral sources with these proven communication tools. Whether you distribute them for prospecting purposes, hand them out during events, or mail them directly to important clients and referral sources, print newsletters help you heighten brand awareness, strengthen relationships and demonstrate thought leadership. We offer several print newsletters on tax, estate planning, wealth management and related topics. All of our publications feature:

  • Compelling cover designs will reinforce your firm’s branding
  • A customizable back cover where you can publish an extra article, firm announcement or other information
  • Professionally-written articles that encourage contact with your firm

Email Newsletter Programs

Our professional, content-inclusive email newsletters help you deepen client relationships, stand apart from competitors, cultivate prospects, show thought leadership and keep your name out there, so you can achieve your client retention and business development objectives.

  • Your choice of a fully-customizable or a  “set it and forget it“ email newsletter
  • Professionally-written articles per issue on engaging and relevant subjects
  • An email distribution and list management system to track opens, clicks and readers’ interests
  • Easily share newsletter articles on your social media platforms with one click


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