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Estate Planning Guides

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Federal estate and gift tax rules are constantly in a state of flux. Our Estate Planning Guides will help you keep your contacts informed on the latest estate and gift tax rules and strategies while saving you time and effort so that you may focus on serving your clients and building your practice.

Boost brand awareness, promote your estate planning services and strengthen relationships with clients, prospects and referral sources with our estate planning guides. Updated to reflect recent changes in tax laws, these informative guides provide an easy, cost-effective way to educate high net worth individuals and others about the benefits of estate planning.

Our Estate Planning Guides include up-to-date information on:

  • Wills and trusts
  • Heir and executor selection
  • Succession planning and family business issues
  • Life insurance and asset protection strategies
  • Marital deduction and community property issues
  • Strategies for special situations
  • Gifting and charitable contributions

Our brand-ready estate planning guides are available in print and a variety of digital formats to maximize your reach, impact and ROI:

Online estate planning guide

This version of our online estate planning guide offers:

  • All articles are automatically updated whenever tax laws changes that affect estate planning strategies and rules
  • A fully customizable color scheme, personalized masthead, and the ability to add an introduction about your firm’s relevant practice areas on every page – no other online estate planning guide providers offer this level of customization
  • An editable call to action section to help capture leads for new or additional business
  • Clear, user-friendly navigation to each section of the guide, including the home page FAQ, Estate Planning Building Blocks, Life Insurance, Federal Exemptions and Trust Myths
  • Back-links to your firm’s main website built in automatically
  • An email newsletter sign-up form that seamlessly adds new members to your BizActions newsletter database
  • The ability to add a custom footer to the site describing more about your firm and its practice areas, your office locations, or a special message from the Chairman, CEO or Partner in charge of your estate planning practice


Another online estate planning guide option, this version offers a customizable splash page branded to your firm, is also updated automatically whenever tax laws affect estate planning, and all you have to do is simply post a link to the guide on your website.

Flex-E email estate planning guide

The email version of our WebEstateGuide allows you to push out the WebEstateGuide through Flex-Email. Send out one section of the guide at a time, or all at once, depending on your preferences.

Print estate planning guide

This 24-page, 8.5 x 11″ booklet features space on the outside and inside covers to brand with your logo and personalize with a welcome letter, firm profile, partner bio or other information. It’s also available in PDF format to post on your website.

Estate planning seminar

This editable, ready-to-use PowerPoint® presentation allows you to quickly, easily and cost-effectively host estate planning seminars, webinars and Q&As.


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