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Tax Planning Newsletters

Showcase your firm’s tax planning
and tax law expertise

Tax is a sensitive subject for most individuals, and possibly even more so for businesses. Helping your clients and prospects minimize their tax liabilities will help you earn their loyalty, referrals and additional business in other practice areas they require.

Our diverse tax planning newsletter options include informative articles on a variety of personal tax, corporate tax and business law issues – such as court cases, tax planning strategies, depreciation, deductions, IRS audits, alternative minimum tax (AMT), finance and much more.

These savvy marketing and communication tools make your law firm stand out from the competition, preserve top of mind awareness, develop a rapport with prospects and cultivate long-term, more profitable relationships with clients.

Niche Personal Tax and Tax Law Newsletters

We have multiple personal tax and tax law newsletter options, from digital email marketing newsletters to print, PDF and content-only formats.

We can help you determine which of our
tax planning and business law newsletter solutions
will best meet your needs.

Our niche tax newsletter solutions for attorneys contain professionally-written articles about:

  • Tax planning strategies
  • Deductions and depreciation
  • Alternative minimum tax (AMT)
  • Changes in tax laws and audit standards
  • Trusts, gifting and charitable giving
  • Retirement and estate planning
  • IRAs, 401(k)s and insurance
  • Nexus and International tax issues
you can grow your tax planning law practice
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