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Print has several benefits that email doesn’t offer

Our print newsletters lead the industry for quality, value, choice and subject specificity. With the finest articles written and reviewed by top-notch industry professionals included in each issue, these quarterly and bi-monthly publications not only save you time and effort, but ultimately cost less than what you could produce in-house.

With a subscription to one of our print newsletters, you receive:

  • Brand-enhancing designs that are updated for every issue
  • The ability to name your newsletter with any title you wish (or use our title)
  • Extensive space on the front and back covers to customize with information about your firm, partner profiles, photos, seminar invitations, service area descriptions, a custom article or anything else that will help you showcase your firm’s areas of expertise
  • Exclusive distribution rights in your specific geographic territory, by industry
  • Professionally-written and tech-reviewed articles on specific topics of interest to the newsletter’s target audience
  • Direct mail cover letters you can personalize and print out on letterhead to accompany each newsletter issue when it is sent to clients, prospects, referral sources and media contacts
  • Optional mailing and fulfillment services, so you don’t have to take time away from other business for these tasks
  • A free PDF of the newsletter to post on your website (PDF Link versions are also available without a print subscription)

The (surprising) benefits of print newsletters

While email newsletters cost less to produce and distribute, they have a shorter shelf life and can only be sent to those who have granted permission (opted in or subscribed). Print newsletters, while more expensive and challenging to use as lead generation tools, have certain benefits that email newsletters do not. This makes them the perfect supplements to round out your marketing strategy.

Here are some of the advantages of print newsletters:

  • Print newsletters are tangible, making a strong sensory impression that makes it memorable
  • Print newsletters are more likely to be delivered and seen by recipients
  • Print newsletters are portable, convenient and formatted for easy reading (especially for longer, more complicated articles)
  • Print newsletters don’t require opt-in permission, making them ideal for introducing your firm to new prospects
  • Print newsletters differentiate your firm from competitors and make recipients feel special
  • Print newsletters can be distributed as handouts, included with other mailings, and displayed professionally in your office

Our print newsletters are turnkey solutions that help you remain focused on your core business. But we also offer content-only and completely custom options so that you can achieve the exact look and specific content that you want. We can research and write articles for you, edit ones you supply, or recommend articles from our online Content Store.

The print format is available for the following newsletters & guides:

Build brand awareness with prospects, nurture clients and referral sources, showcase your expertise, cross-sell less familiar services, and develop long-term relationships for more business opportunities by integrating print newsletters into your marketing strategy.

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