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PDF Link

Web-friendly PDF newsletters & guides

Our PDF Link program is exactly what it sounds like, and much more. Use this cost-effective newsletter option to demonstrate thought leadership, reach more prospects, fuel your social media efforts, nurture clients and referral sources, and showcase your areas of expertise.

With PDF Link, you get:

  • A web-friendly, professionally-designed PDF of your PDI Global newsletter of choice
  • An email summary for each issue of your PDF newsletter to forward to your contacts
  • A full page of customization to use as you choose
  • Your firm’s brand and contact information on the cover
  • Geographic exclusivity for the selected newsletter
  • Access to a free library of articles from your newsletter program to use as you wish
  • A valuable tool to use as a call to action, share via social media and other communication channels, and generate more interest in your services

This economical newsletter program begins with a customized PDF file of your subscribed PDI Global newsletter for you to post on your website. Use it as a stand-alone communication tool or to maximize the reach of your print or email newsletter. This electronic version has the same design, layout and look as the correlating print version — complete with your logo and other personalization. Brand it with your logo and customize the last page with an article, practice area description, partner profile or other information about your law firm.

The PDF Link format is available for the following newsletters & guides:

In addition, we will send you an email that summarizes each of the articles in that newsletter edition and includes a link to the PDF that you have posted on your website. All you have to do is forward the email that we’ve already drafted for you to your clients, prospects and referral sources. Your subscribers review the article summaries and simply click on the link provided to read your newsletter in full.

A PDF Link subscription also gives you access to a free library of archived articles for your selected newsletter that you may edit as you like and post on your website and blog, add to your existing email newsletter program, and use for social media posts.

When posted on your website, the PDF Link newsletter remains accessible to all of your site visitors. Use it to earn more business opportunities by sharing the article summaries and links to the PDF file through social media channels, email campaigns, your email signature block, and through any other marketing activities your firm pursues.


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