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Flex-Email & Flex-E-Letter

Put our flexible email and e-newsletter solutions
to work for your law firm

Our digital products utilize a flexible online email distribution program that includes dozens of email and newsletter templates, responsive designs for enhanced mobile marketing, and sophisticated, data-driven segmentation functionality for effortless target marketing. The Flex-Email system is also the delivery mechanism for our Flex-E-Letter niche email marketing newsletters, Flex-E-TaxGuides, Flex-E-EstateGuides, Client Alerts and for many of our Content Store subscribers.


With the Flex-Email communication system, you can easily create and send any email campaign, whether a one-time targeted message, an automated drip campaign, or monthly email newsletters.

With the Flex-Email system, you can:

  • Modify any of the dozens of responsive* HTML templates for all kinds of email messages, including newsletters, seminar invitations, promotions, welcome letters and more
  • Easily segment your lists into different groups for accurate target marketing using “drag and drop” technology, behavioral data and progressive subscriber profiling
  • Automate and manage all of your email campaigns using the campaign calendar, templates and wizards
  • Perform A/B split tests, multivariate tests and confirm message rendering by ISP, browser and device
  • Organize all of your database lists (even the ones you don’t use Flex-Email for) using API integration
  • Manage deliverability and list hygiene, including complaint rates, bounce rates, spam traps, open rates, domain delivery reports, blacklists and block lists
  • Track readership by reviewing who clicked on which links in order to identify subscriber interests, business opportunities and which topics are the most effective
  • Generate graphs, pie charts and numerical reports by date, date range and campaign to measure the impact of different campaigns using the advanced (yet user-friendly) analytics tools
  • Utilize the built-in, customizable sign-up page to capture new subscribers automatically
  • Facilitate viral marketing by including “Share to Social” and “Forward to a Friend” buttons
  • Use your own content or the content you obtain from us in the integrated templates, or create your own template
  • Send out any of our niche marketing email newsletters (Flex-E-Letters), described below

*Responsive design means that your newsletters and other email messages will look just as good on a smart phone or tablet as they do on a computer screen


Our Flex-E-Letters offer an easy, cost-effective means of sending out our niche marketing email newsletters, which are designed specifically to enhance your brand, position you as a thought leader, and increase awareness of your expertise and service offerings.

Provided in templates designed by graphic artists, our Flex-E-Letters are created for each of our niche marketing email newsletters for law firms, including estate planning, wealth management, intellectual property, employee benefits, mergers and acquisitions, employment law, tax, and healthcare.

Some of the benefits of our Flex-E-Letter niche marketing email newsletters include:

  • All of the features and functionality of the Flex-Email system described above
  • Branding and customization capabilities to meet your specific needs
    • Change the title, headlines, content, images, colors
    • Add bylines, partner and key team members contact information to any or all articles
    • Include unlimited links to your website, blog, social media platforms, survey engines, and email addresses
  • Preloaded professionally-written, expert-reviewed articles selected by a National Editorial Board for the specified niche are included
  • Content management functionality; add or substitute preloaded content with:
    • Your own articles that you or your staff write
    • Articles from your newsletter’s archive library (included free with subscription)
    • Any of our other content solutions, including Briefs, Client Alerts, ghostwritten articles, or articles from our online Content Store
  • Accessibility: post your selected email newsletter on your website so it may be viewed at any time via a computer or mobile device
  • Newsletter distribution on your own schedule, determined by you
  • Creation of “Special Edition” newsletters by applying one of the numerous Flex-Email newsletter templates and customizing one or more articles for certain segments of your market
  • Exclusive distribution rights on an industry basis for your specific geographic area

The Flex-E-Letter format is available for the following newsletters:


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