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According to U.S. News and World Report, an average of 10,000 people will turn 65 every day over the next 20 years. Unfortunately, that is also the time when many start thinking seriously about estate planning. Estate planning can be scary. Help your prospects and clients quell their fears and better understand the benefits of early planning by nurturing them with educational and informative articles in your own custom-branded estate planning newsletters.

Checkpoint Marketing for Law Firms offer several niche newsletters that focus specifically on estate planning strategies, advantages and tips. These insightful newsletters are written with your contacts in mind: prospects that are just learning about you and your expertise, clients that need a little extra care and attention, and referral sources that should be reminded of your core strengths on a regular basis so that you remain top of mind.

We can help you determine which
estate planning newsletter solutions
will best meet your needs, budget and goals.

Our estate planning niche newsletters contain articles that discuss items such as:

  • Estate planning basics and estate taxes
  • Wills, power of attorney, executor and guardianship matters
  • Gifts, charitable donations and asset protection strategies
  • Marriage, divorce, birth and death effects on estate plans
  • Inheritance and asset distribution issues
  • Selecting a trustee and other trustee-related matters
  • QTIP, CRT, QPRT, GRAT, Crummey, Grantor, Dynasty, Revocable, Hybrid and other trusts

Niche Estate Planning Newsletters

We have multiple estate planning newsletter options, from digital email marketing newsletters to printPDF and content-only formats.


More Estate Planning Solutions

In addition to niche estate planning newsletters, we also offer other tools to help you maximize your content marketing efforts to retain clients, cross-sell additional services, and gain the interest of new prospects. Ask us about our:


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