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Ghostwriting & Custom Content

Achieve your communication objectives
with our comprehensive editorial services

If you are looking for a custom content solution that you can use to increase your credibility and visibility in the industry, our editorial services can help. We will work with you on any or all aspects of the content development process, from selecting topics and conducting research to ghostwriting articles, editing drafts and publishing the content in electronic or print media.

Our team of professional writers has extensive experience developing articles and content that engages and informs your target markets, positioning you as a thought leader. We excel at converting technical legal, accounting, business and financial information into layman’s terms that your readers will understand and relate to.

Put our copywriting experience to work for you

We offer custom copywriting and ghostwriting services for all kinds of internal and external communications, including:

  • Articles
  • Whitepapers
  • Press releases
  • Copy for websites, newsletters, blogs and social media
  • Employee communications
  • Seminar and webinar presentations
  • Handouts, brochures and other direct marketing materials
  • Annual, financial and shareholder reports
  • Custom newsletters, tax guides and other publications

Our ghostwriting and custom content solutions are written specifically for you and your firm, so the content is original and unique. No one else will have the same materials. We provide it to you in your preferred format and it becomes yours – add your own byline, submit it for publication to an industry journal, post it on your website, or include in your newsletter.


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If you are ready for an efficient, cost-effective way to publish your own informative content that your target audience will connect with, give us a call at 866.240.8477.