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Keep clients and prospects engaged with videos

A one minute video is worth 1.8 million words.

Consider that for just a moment. According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, a one minute video has the same value as 1.8 million words (or about 3,600 typical web pages). Forrester Marketing reported that video generates up to a 300% higher click through rate in newsletters and on websites. In a survey by Implix, non-retail introductory emails with videos increased click through rates by 96%. Forbes discovered that 75% of executives watch videos on business websites at least once a week. What do these statistics mean to you?

Video marketing increases sales and leads!

Firms that incorporate video marketing into their overall marketing strategies benefit from higher engagement rates, higher click through rates and higher conversion rates.

In today’s high-tech world where information is only a mouse click away, consumers look for content that is engaging, concise and interesting. Short videos have quickly become the preferred medium for news and information. Including video segments in your law firm’s email newsletter and on your website is a tried-and-true method to pique the interest of your subscribers.

In yet another recent report, most marketers said that video and feature articles drive the best return on investment (ROI), but that video is also the “most difficult to create.”

We have made it easy for you with our video and feature article options:

Each of our video article options includes both a video and a related, but not identical, written article.

2-for-1 Video articles

We offer two video article packages as well as a video article subscription program. Each of these video article solutions includes a 2-3 minute video as well as a relevant written article to accompany the video.

You actually get two high quality pieces of content for one!

The videos play on a landing page and are not embedded into the newsletters themselves, but are indicated by consistent graphics that encourage your readers to click through and watch the video and read the article. The article follows the video on the landing page, so whichever your contacts’ preferences are (video or text), there is an option that will satisfy them.

Raise your law firm’s visibility with the integrated ‘Share This’ feature built right into your newsletter – use it to quickly and easily share videos on your own social media pages while also enabling your client and prospect subscribers to share them on their own sites.


Estate planning video article package

We have developed a package of a dozen estate planning videos that may be scheduled in your Checkpoint Marketing email newsletter or sent out as Email Radars. Some of the hot topics discussed in the estate planning video articles include:

  • What happens if you don’t have a will
  • How market volatility can affect your estate plan
  • The importance of prenuptial agreements
  • The risks of do-it-yourself wills
Take a look at this sample estate planning video article:

Risky Business: Do-It-Yourself Wills May Not Protect Your Loved Ones

Estate Planning Video ThumbnailMaybe you’ve seen ads claiming to let you prepare your will on the Internet for $100 or less. The services claim to offer a “quality” legal document to protect your family and loved ones. This video explains the problems with these claims. The article offers six reasons why do-it-yourself wills may not be the bargain they seem, along with some court cases challenging the validity of wills prepared online.    >> Full Article



Human resources video article package

Similar to the estate planning video package above, we have compiled a package of about a dozen human resources videos. Use these videos to increase your credibility and establish thought leadership. Some of the hot topics discussed in the human resources video article package include:

  • How bonding with your staff can aid productivity
  • The basics of negligent hiring and how to mitigate exposure to it
  • The complexities surrounding internships
  • Verifying an applicant’s work eligibility without discriminating
  • How “rolestorming” can generate creative breakthroughs better than blue-sky sessions


“Video Insight” video article email newsletter subscription

In addition to the estate planning and human resource video packages, we also offer an ongoing video article subscription program called Video Insight. For this program, we produce a new video every other week (26 video articles per year) that you may schedule in your Checkpoint Marketing email newsletter or send out as email radars.

Each video and feature article in our Video Insight program typically falls into one of the following categories:

  • Personal Tax
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Tax
  • Business Legal
  • Business Strategies

Additional categories are added as needed. These videos are also available for your website using our video widget that, once installed, is updated automatically with the current Video Insight as well as the most recent 3-5 videos (depending on the size of the widget). Here is an example:


get more return on investment with videos
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