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Things happen all the time. Things that your clients need to know about. For example, when the Supreme Court deemed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional, legally married same-sex couples were able to take advantage of over 1,000 federal benefits that likely affect their estate planning, retirement and tax plans. The ruling continues to change the legal landscape, as states legalize same-sex marriage one by one. You don’t have time to write up summaries every week on the hottest national topics that affect so many of your clients and prospects. Fortunately, we do.

Each week, we write timely “opportunity” articles for each industry we serve. We call these articles Timely Opportunities because each one not only covers a topical subject of interest, but also includes at least one recommendation for the reader to take advantage of the underlying opportunity that the article provides.

The topics typically cover up-to-the-minute legal issues, hot business matters, human resource strategies, recently released reports and new court cases, such as the DOMA ruling. These articles are frequently the most highly read content in our email newsletters and help position your law firm as being on the leading edge of new developments.

Some recently published Timely Opportunity articles began with these introductions:

Facebook Firings: Think Before You Leap

Sometimes it’s appropriate — and, thankfully, legal — to fire an employee over inflammatory or damaging Facebook posts. Other times, it’s not. But even when it would be legal, at least in theory, when is it worth the potential consequences? As social media becomes more prevalent in society, this article discusses the issue of what employers can and cannot do.
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Treasury Streamlines ACA Reporting Rules

In the latest in a series of efforts to take the pain out of Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance, the Treasury simplified reporting requirements for employers already providing health coverage. The rules pertain to whether and how employees are notified of their opportunity to receive health coverage. Here is the news.
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Refresher on New Limit for Medical Expense Deductions

When tax laws change, people tend to ignore the nitty-gritty details until it’s time to file their taxes. With the April 15 filing deadline fast approaching, you might want to devote some attention to the higher threshold for medical expense deductions that became effective in 2013. Here is what changed — and how you can maximize your tax benefits from health care spending.
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