Checkpoint Marketing for Law Firms
Targeted Email Radar

Deliver the right message,
to the right person,
at the right time

Frequently known as “email blasts” in other platforms, our Email Radar tools wield extreme power for maximum target marketing effectiveness. Most Checkpoint Marketing email newsletter subscriptions automatically include unlimited email radars.

Email Radar is a highly effective tool for communicating and providing value to your prospects and clients. It allows you to send emails to specific groups on-demand or scheduled in advance, or as drip campaigns with up to 10 email radars set to trickle out sequentially. You can also use an email radar as an auto-responder for any article in your email newsletter – whenever your readers click through the specified newsletter article, they are automatically sent your auto-responding Email Radar.

You may benefit from Email Radars if you want:

  • An effective email marketing strategy that utilizes intuitive, user-friendly, built-in target marketing tools
  • Consistency in your branding and presentation, as well as control over your marketing automation
  • The ability to send out drip campaigns of your value-added services to your current clients to educate them on the breadth of your service offerings
  • To effectively target an unlimited number of specific groups based on their titles, locations, interests, needs, demographics or any other criteria you determine
  • An automatic mechanism for you to follow up with prospects who have read a certain article, clicked on a banner or opened your newsletter
  • To give the people who have neither opened nor clicked on anything in your email newsletter a second chance by marketing specifically to them
  • Unlimited design potential for your thank you emails, promotional pieces, service descriptions, editorial notes, and other communications
  • Your email groups to be “smart” and know when to include others with the same criteria or remain static with a group of people determined at one point in time


I’m glad to provide feedback on Checkpoint Marketing! They not only answer our questions, but also have been politely keeping us on track to get the [email] newsletter up and running. Our open rate has been astounding (47% this month) and I have received excellent soft feedback from our clients. I am also sending out an Email Radar for our next set of public seminars and will be able to use the system to track how many people attend based on responses to the message. As for our problems or issues, quite frankly, we haven’t had any. So far it seems pretty seamless. I would like to add that their staff has been wonderful to work with.”  – Joni Conrad — Nash, Nash, Bean & Ford, American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys (AAEPA) Member


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