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Niche Content

Focus on your niche practice areas
for maximum relevance and engagement

One of the primary benefits of using the Checkpoint Marketing Email Platform is the plethora of professionally-written articles available for use in your email newsletter, as email radars, on your website and through social media. As a Checkpoint Marketing subscriber, you will receive our standard law content automatically and choose which categories are most appropriate for each of your newsletter recipients.

But the best way to truly connect with prospective and existing clients
is to provide the content they want while highlighting your expertise
in a subtle, yet poignant, way.
Niche content can help you do just that.

When you add an optional niche (such as Lessons From Tax Court) to your Checkpoint Marketing email newsletter, the system automatically includes an article from your niche category every time you launch your newsletter. This niche article supplements your own custom content and standard articles, as well as any other optional content you’ve opted to include, such as the Timely Opportunity article of the week or Video Insight or estate planning video articles. You will also have access to all of the articles in your niche category, which you may use as your own custom content (or in a myriad of other ways).

There is no better way to promote your services and expertise, while increasing prospect and client engagement, than by sharing educational articles in the particular areas that your contacts are interested in.

Here are the niches that are available for attorneys and law firms to use to nurture prospects and retain clients:

Niche Content for Law Firms

The following niches are available for attorneys and law firms to help you showcase your areas of expertise and make connections with your prospects and clients:

BizActions Sample Estate Planning Email Newsletter For Attorneys and Law FirmsTimely Estate Planning Niche Articles*

  • These articles cover opportune strategies, new court cases, recently released reports and other up-to-the-minute topics within the area of estate planning. New articles are published every month and offer the same type of potential “opportunities” (or action items) for readers that our Timely Opportunity articles do.
    *This special category of niche content is not automatically added to your newsletter,
    but may be easily scheduled for inclusion, as shown in the sample to the right.

BizActions Sample Personal Tax Email Newsletter For Attorneys and Law FirmsLessons From Tax Court

  • Each article describes at least one a U.S. Tax Court case (business or personal), along with the lesson(s) that other taxpayers can learn from it.

Estates (Estate Planning)

  • Articles cover legal information and advice regarding estate law, trusts, gifts, probate and related taxes.

BizActions Sample Estate & Trust Email Newsletter For Attorneys and Law Firms

Business Law

  • Articles cover business legal issues, M&A, choice of entity, finance, tax, and other topics.

Commercial Law

  • Articles cover legal issues involving business contracts, security interests in inventories, possession and bailments of goods, sales of goods, bills of lading, risk of loss and warranties.

Sample Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Email Newsletters For Attorneys and Law FirmsMergers & Acquisitions

  • Articles cover M&A tax issues and due diligence, along with earnouts, goodwill and more.

We would be happy to show you samples of any of these niche categories upon request. Complete the form on this page and we will schedule an online meeting with you at your convenience.



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