Checkpoint Marketing for Law Firms
Master Accounts

Multiple newsletters, niche services, senders:
ONE account

Unlike typical email newsletter platforms, only a Checkpoint Marketing Master Account gives you the ability to manage multiple accounts within just one account. This parent/child relationship account allows you to segment and target market your email marketing communications by Point of Contact (POC), niche service offering, geographic location – all without losing your firm’s branding or requiring several fragmented accounts.

What makes a Master Account unique?

Each sub-account within a Master Account can be completely unique – masthead, custom content, back-links to your website, welcome letters, disclaimers, banners, niche content and standard content – or it can have some unique content and some inherited content from your main adminstrator account, or it can have all inherited content except for the unique masthead and Point of Contact information.

When subscribers are added to your database, you assign each one to a specific Point of Contact. Our system associates each subscriber with the properly assigned POC and then delivers the unique POC attributes in that subscriber’s newsletter.

Why would you use a Master Account?

Consider these examples:

  • Your law firm has three offices in three different and distinct counties. You want your newsletters to be office-specific so that your recipients feel a sense of community when reviewing the newsletter and know exactly who the point of contact at their local office is, but also be fully informed on firm-wide announcements and activities.
  • Your firm wants to send different standard and niche content to different subscribers, while retaining the ability to promote and cross-sell lesser known services by having some specific content delivered to everybody in your database, regardless of who the POC is.
  • Your firm has a huge estate planning practice that not only spans different geographic locations, but is also led by multiple partners. You want each of your estate planning email newsletters to have a consistent brand and message, but come from different partners who have their own practices to build and grow. Each of your partners is responsible for his or her own newsletter, promotions, events and other communications, independently of your firm’s headquarters and “primary” newsletter.


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