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Each of the Checkpoint Marketing law firm email newsletter packages comes with 13 categories of Standard Law Content as well as our brand new Timely Estate Planning Niche Articles for you to use to supplement and enhance your custom messaging, branding and prospecting efforts.

We also give you free access to even more content categories that might help you nurture your prospects and educate your clients, such as general business and tax, employee benefits and human resources. Mix and match up to eight total categories to help you nurture each segment of your database. An article from two of those categories will append your email newsletter automatically in each issue. Different groups within your database may receive different content categories based on their specific needs or interests.

For even more focus and relevance, add Niche Content to some or all of your newsletters. Or use the content to send out Targeted Email Radars to a particular group of subscribers, based on their particular interests.

Following are descriptions of the standard content categories automatically included with your subscription.

Standard Law Content Categories

  1. Tax Law - Articles cover tax law issues facing businesses and individuals, including many court cases.
  2. Estates - Articles cover legal information and advice for attorneys to send to their clients regarding estate law, trusts, gifts, probate and related taxes.
  3. Employment Law - Articles cover legal issues that employers must be aware of when hiring and interacting with employees in the workplace. Includes coverage of laws such as the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and more.
  4. Intellectual Property - Articles cover important patent, trademark, copyright and related issues faced by businesses and entrepreneurs.
  5. Divorce and Family - Articles cover the financial aspects of divorce, such as valuing a business, selling a home, dividing retirement accounts, alimony, child custody and more; these articles are written for attorneys and divorce consultants to send to their clients.
  6. General Litigation - Articles cover information regarding the civil litigation process including the institution of proceedings, discovery, trial and appellate procedure for both individuals and businesses.
  7. Trusts - Articles cover the different types of trusts that are used in estate planning.
  8. Elder Law - Articles cover topics such as Medicare, Medicaid, housing for the elderly, the rights of grandparents, elder abuse, Social Security and caregiving, to name a few.
  9. Commercial Law - Articles cover legal issues involving business contracts, security interests in inventories, possession and bailments of goods, sales of goods, bills of lading, risk of loss and warranties.
  10. Wealth Management - Articles cover tax and investment strategies for high net worth individuals.
  11. Real Estate - Articles cover legal issues concerning the purchase and sale of homes and real property, commercial leases, easements and rights of way, landlord tenant issues, and more.
  12. Business Fraud Prevention & Detection - Articles cover internal and external fraud detection, prevention techniques, whistleblower hotlines, damage computation, dispute resolution, computer forensics and more.
  13. Business Law - Articles cover business legal issues, M&A, choice of entity, finance, tax, and other topics.

Employee Benefits Categories

  1. Medical Insurance – Articles covering the types of insurance plans (such as an HMO, PPO, or POS), prescription drug plans, health plan accreditation, pharmacy benefit managers and more.
  2. Health Issues in the Workplace – Articles involve health care issues facing employers. Examples include the use of generic drugs; the importance of exercise; and the special accommodations that may be needed by the growing number of diabetics in the workforce.
  3. Benefits Administration – Articles about administering benefits. Topics include employee communications, coping with language barriers, and complying with the FMLA/HIPAA.
  4. Business & Employee Insurance Protection – Articles with strategies that can help safeguard the finances and well-being of employees and the businesses they work for. Examples include key employee insurance protection and group long-term care coverage.
  5. Benefit Tax Issues – Articles cover the many ways taxes affect benefit plans for employers and employees.
  6. Ancillary Benefits – These articles cover ancillary benefits such as vision care, dental plans and disability insurance.
  7. Retirement Plans – Articles detail the types of retirement vehicles employers can set up, such as 401(k) plans and SIMPLE plans. Some also cover compliance and liability issues.
  8. Motivating Perks – Articles discuss non-traditional benefits that employers provide to keep productivity and employee retention high.
  9. Employers’ Questions About Benefits – Q&As for employers about health plans, 401(k) plans, COBRA, HSAs, FSAs and more.

Human Resources Categories

  1. Best HR Practices – Actions and strategies for best results with employees…including hiring, coaching, disciplining, guiding, and firing if necessary.
  2. HR Answers – How-to and what-to-do answers to HR questions from the work world trenches.
  3. Cost-Cutting Actions – Actions employers and employees can take to cut and control employee-related costs and boost profits.
  4. Motivation & Rewards – Effective and unique ways to motivate and reward your employees.
  5. Employee Ideas & Involvement – Examples and strategies to stimulate employees to create new ideas and continuously improve the products and services of a business.
  6. HR Tool Kit – HR forms, HR checklists, HR tips and winning ideas to make a manager’s job as a leader easier, more successful, and less painful.
  7. Handbook Issues – Policies and practices for an organization’s employee handbook (often with suggested language).
  8. Risk/Trouble Reduction – Ways to reduce and avoid the risks of being a leader and supervisor. Plus, how to lessen stress from troublesome employees.

Business & Tax Content Categories

  1. Sales - The articles in this content class provide tips on compensation, management, pricing and money-making opportunities.
  2. Marketing - The articles in this content class provide strategies for businesses to boost their bottom lines in advertising, email marketing, direct mail and more.
  3. Human Resources - The articles in this content class show employers ways to minimize risks and handle hiring, training, employee retention, compensation, benefits, and evaluations.
  4. Business Finance - The articles in this content class provide the latest information on banking, cash management, accounting, insurance and financing for businesses.
  5. Management - The articles in this content class contain articles on leadership, organization, management of employees and communication, aimed at business managers and executives.
  6. Operations - The articles in this content class reveal strategies for businesses to save money in technology, customer service, inventory management, business travel, equipment, purchasing, and internal controls.
  7. Business Tax - The articles in this content class provide tips that can save businesses money on expenses, succession, retirement plans, capital contributions, equipment and distributions.
  8. Personal Tax - The articles in this content class provide tips and strategies for individuals to reduce personal taxes and minimize audit risk, including tax-wise tips on maximizing individual tax breaks, wealth building and filing tax returns.



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