Checkpoint Marketing for Law Firms
Alerts & Reminders

Know exactly when you have a warm lead

Making time for business development activities, identifying warm leads and knowing when to follow up can be very challenging, especially for lawyers working long hours. We’ve made it easy for you! Even without reviewing our comprehensive reports or segmenting subscribers into specific groups in order to send them the most relevant content for maximum engagement and long-term nurturing, you can use the Checkpoint Marketing Email Platform to enhance your business development and lead generation activities.


Wouldn’t it be helpful to know right away whenever a prospect is thinking about your services? Alerts may be set up to notify you immediately via email or through your Dashboard, or they may be consolidated into nightly or weekly emails so that you can set aside a block of time to follow up on all of them.

Alerts may be set up on a specific article (for example, let’s say you included an invitation for your next estate planning seminar in your most recent email newsletter… you can create an Alert to notify you of all click activity on that announcement), or you may create an alert to be notified whenever a specific subscriber (such as Jane White) clicks on anything in your newsletter because you want to know everything that she is interested in. You may also set up alerts by date, POC, content group, and a myriad of other data points.


Reminders show you any notations that you have made in the system for each of your subscribers, including comments, actions, dates and more. Whenever you have desired actions with dates in the system, the system will remind you by email, by Dashboard, or both (depending on your preference). This reminder system helps you stay on top of lead generation efforts.

For example, you have noticed in your reports or alerts that Jane White has read a series of articles about estate planning (including the invitation to your upcoming seminar) and you called to introduce yourself and ask if she had any questions you could answer. Ms. White asked you to call her back on June 19th. You enter that reminder as a Contact Note in her subscriber record in your account, and the reminder appears in your Dashboard until you update it, change it or mark it complete.


We have more lead generation tools
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