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Our user-friendly Checkpoint Marketing email newsletter platform is an all-in-one content marketing solution. We offer the best quality and highest quantity of content options available from any electronic content provider.

The most effective newsletters include articles on subjects that are relevant and helpful to your recipients. We provide you with professional content that is written specifically for your market (whether you have one or more than one), and then let you select the very best, most relevant content categories to send out to each of your contacts on an individual or group demographic basis.

Relevance is the #1 key to prospect engagement,
giving you the opportunity to develop the long-term relationships
that your law practice needs for continuous, strategic growth.

Highlights of our Checkpoint Marketing email platform

Sample Estate & Trust Email Newsletter For Attorneys and Law FirmsThis powerful system provides the return on investment to make email newsletters the most productive tool in your law firm’s growth. Your Checkpoint Marketing email newsletter comes with a custom-branded masthead, complementary color scheme and banners. You are able to customize the look and feel of your newsletter (or newsletter editions) quickly and easily using our online editor. Incorporate links to your website or any other online properties once and never worry about including them again. Add up to eight custom articles per newsletter. Send unlimited email radars. Obtain a personal sending domain to protect your email reputation from others who might not be as compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act as you are.

But most reputable email newsletter service providers offer those benefits, too.

Why should you choose the Checkpoint content marketing system?

Here are some of the more unique advantages of our Checkpoint platform:

  • Professional Standard Content – designed specifically for your law firm’s audiences, our platform comes with dozens of content categories you can use to customize each newsletter for each of your contacts based on their interests
  • Timely Opportunity Articles – include weekly topical and timely articles of what’s happening now in the legal landscape automatically, or turn “off” the automatic insertion and use the articles for email radars or in your next newsletter as custom content
  • Niche Content Categories –  showcase your expertise in particular industries, practice areas or just offer truly exceptional and timely content (such as Lessons from Tax Court) to your subscribers
  • Video Articles – get more ROI out of your email newsletters by including our estate planning, human resources and bi-weekly business videos with feature articles
  • Email Radar – commonly referred to as “email blasts” by other email providers, our Email Radars take target marketing power up a notch for maximum effectiveness
  • Master Accounts – segment your database into subaccounts by Point of Contact (distribution group) to create different editions of your email newsletters for different audience segments, from different partners, for different geographic locations, or for any other reason – and manage them all from one master account
  • Alerts & Reminders – identify warm leads and know when to follow up by using built-in features that facilitate your lead generation and business development activities
  • Metrics Desktop Dashboard – gain the advantage of real-time data (such as open rates, click through rates, alerts and reminders) right on your computer’s desktop AND securely access your account with just one click
  • Reporting Tools – identify leads to grow your business and gauge the effectiveness of your marketing investment in real time with comprehensive, user-friendly reports
  • Banners & Calls to Action – we provide thousands of banners, calls-to-action, images and graphics for you to include in your Checkpoint email newsletters and email radars
  • Social Media Integration – automatically add links to your social sites to your email newsletters and enable quick and easy sharing of your content through integrated “share this” functionality
  • Browser compatibility with current browsers: Internet Explorer (9+), Firefox (25.0.1+) and Chrome (31.0.1650.63+)

View sample Checkpoint email newsletters

Sample Intellectual Property Email Newsletter For Attorneys and Law Firms Sample Wealth Management Email Newsletter for Attorneys and Law Firms Sample Personal Tax Email Newsletter For Attorneys and Law Firms Sample Healthcare Email Newsletter For Attorneys and Law Firms Sample Estate & Trust Email Newsletter For Attorneys and Law Firms Sample Estate Planning Email Newsletter For Attorneys and Law Firms Sample Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Email Newsletters For Attorneys and Law Firms Sample Employee Benefits Email Newsletter For Attorneys and Law Firms

More options to integrate into your marketing

These additional (optional) marketing tools work seamlessly with the Checkpoint system and are available to Checkpoint Marketing subscribers:


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