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Tax & Accounting Client Alerts

An easy, cost-effective way to
position yourself as a trusted advisor

Build credibility and brand awareness by letting clients, prospects and referral sources know about important new tax laws and other timely topics.

Writing your own notices and updates on evolving laws and what your clients should do to ensure compliance, save tax and better prepare for the future often turns into a task that never gets done, or at least not in a timely manner.

Save time & effort

Our Tax & Accounting Alerts subscription program enables you to email and publish timely and relevant information that positions you as a trusted resource on what’s happening in the tax law landscape and enables you to easily impart relevant tax planning tips. This type of communication aids your client retention and business development activities while boosting your status as a thought leader.

Benefits & features

You may edit, customize, brand and use the Tax & Accounting Alerts. The budget-friendly Tax & Accounting Alerts subscription program includes the following benefits and features:

  • Your choice of content:
    • Choose both Tax Alerts and Accounting Alerts,
    • Tax Alerts only, or
    • Accounting Alerts only
  • Approximately 10-18 professionally-written, concise announcements called “alerts” per year
    • Additional alerts are added at no charge if more new developments arise
    • Alerts are typically 500 to 1,200 words each and reviewed by tax professionals for technical accuracy
    • Most alerts cover late-breaking news, such as changes in tax laws, regulations and rates, and are delivered shortly after a triggering event occurs
    • Up to a third of the alerts discuss timely estate planning, tax, financial planning or accounting subjects
    • Case studies and examples are included in the alerts when appropriate
  • Your choice of format:
    • Receive Microsoft Word files by email,
    • An HTML email template to be sent out through your own email program, or
    • An easily customizable email to be sent out through our Flex-Email distribution system
  • The flexibility to publish the Tax & Accounting Alerts in your own email newsletter (whether one of our newsletters or your own), on your website, blog and social media platforms, or print them out on your letterhead to mail or hand out
  • Your suggestions for future alert topics are given ample consideration
  • Private labeled, custom email templates and print materials are also available

Cost-effective communication tool

Subscriptions to the Tax & Accounting Alerts program are available on a 12-month basis. With ongoing economic and legislative uncertainty, interest in information about tax law changes and related topics remains high. Our Tax & Accounting Alerts program enables you to cost-effectively provide this information and enhance your reputation as a trusted advisor who not only remains diligently informed of important developments, but shares that knowledge. You will stay top of mind while subtly encouraging contact with your law firm on matters that you provide solutions for.

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